St Paul's is a Fairtrade church.

Here is the resolution that was passed by the PCC on 6th September 2007.


of the Parochial Church Council at Hook (St Paul)

This PCC notes that:

1. Poverty and inequality are a scandal - over a billion people are struggling to survive on less than a dollar a day.

2. Farmers in developing countries face ruin as they try to compete with some of the world’s largest companies.

3.The international rules and practices that govern trade are unfairly biased in favour of the richest nations and companies. Instead they should give the weakest and most vulnerable special help until they are strong enough to compete without it.

4. We believe that God calls us to challenge this injustice and to make trade work for all, especially the poor. Our Lord said 'Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me'.

We therefore:

1. Call upon world leaders to rewrite the international rules that govern trade, with poverty reduction and environmental protection recognised as their highest priorities, and to give governments of developing countries the right to intervene to ensure the well being of their poorest people.

2. Express our support for the Trade Justice Movement.

We resolve to:

1. Encourage our congregation to take part in campaign actions and events in support of trade justice.

2. Encourage all organisations using our Church or Hall to use fairly traded goods.

3. Encourage members of our congregation to buy fairly traded produce.